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Episode 10: Best Practice Series: Podcast Editing

#unpopularopinion: every person who has a podcast should go through the process of editing their show. At least in the beginning. Listen in to hear my thoughts on some best practices you can use to make the editing processes a touch easier. 

First things first, pick an editing tool that you can learn and grow with. I’ve been using Audacity and I love it. It’s a free, open-source platform that is updated continually. At this point it’s definitely a contender with other bigger name platforms.

Next, as you’re listening through your episode, start to note your verbal crutches. What unnecessary words and phrases do you use frequently? 

Now, don’t go taking all those words and phrases out. You want to sound natural but also knowledgeable! 

Oh! Speaking of not taking things out, don’t take out all of your breath sounds. We’re human. We breathe. To take out all of your breath sounds would make your cadence of speech sound extremely unnatural. 

Listen in to hear all of my tips and tricks for starting on your editing journey. This is definitely not an in-depth masterclass on editing, but instead an introduction on what to listen for as you edit.

PLUS – I added a few more notes for recording best practices! 

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