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Episode 11: Best Practice Series: Show Notes

This is a super simple episode. 

You need show notes. That is all!



JUUUUST kidding!

I mean yes, you do need show notes, but there are also some best practices you can follow to help them do some heavy lifting for you from an SEO perspective. Listen in and I’ll share some of the things to consider as you write your show notes. 

First things first, my own personal opinion is that you should put your full show notes in your podcast host as you schedule your episode. Not everyone feels this way, but here’s my thought process. 

Your listener is already in their podcast player, listening to your show, likely on the go and unable to do a whole lot of searching. Why would you make them click out of their app to find the link to the resource you cited? 

They don’t have time for that. (Ain’t nobody got time for that…)

So aside from really first, you need to have show notes, you also need to make them easy to get to. 

Next, be sure that you have a keyword in mind that you’re trying to rank for. This can fall into a separate strategy that is specific to your podcast OR it can tie into the overall keyword and SEO strategy you have for your site. Either way, focus on your keywords and be sure to include them.

The whole point of show notes is to make your episodes searchable on the Googler. If you’re not trying to apply basic SEO, then you’re not using them to the best of their ability. 

Want some additional pointers? Listen in to hear them all!

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