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Episode 15: How to Choose Your Podcast Hosting Platform

Choosing the right podcast host isn’t necessarily a requirement right out of the gate, but man does it make life easier! (Moving a podcast from one hosting platform to another can indeed be a beast… IYKYK!!)

That’s why it’s so important to do some of those foundational strategy steps first. Really honing in on the purpose behind your podcast, how you want to monetize it, and how you want to utilize it is definitely key to picking the right podcast hosting platform for you!

Please note: This episode is not a review of the top podcast platforms! Honestly… I like them all. They all have good and bad things about them and they all require a bit of time to learn, but they won’t all work for your podcasting needs. 

For instance, do you plan to use affiliate marketing in your podcast? If you do, using a podcast host that allows you to easily insert dynamic content into your episodes in designated spots is extremely important.


Because the affiliate offer you have this week will very definitely not be the same offer you shared a year ago. With dynamic content, no matter what the offer is, every single episode you have will have that information flowing through your listener’s earbuds. 

Listen in to hear some other things you should take into account as you research which podcast hosting platform is right for your show!

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