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 Heather Bucciano
Heather BuccianoHost of The Mazel Mamas Podcast
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"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kayla on more than one occasion and I can say that hands down she is the best there is. Her level of care, professionalism and quality of work simply can not be beat. I’ve worked with a multitude of service providers and can honestly say I wish every single one of them provided the level of service that I received from Kayla. Coming from a broadcast background I was impressed with her audio production skills in addition to the digital components that were needed to launch and grow my podcast. If you have the opportunity to work with Kayla, I wouldn’t hesitate to jump at the chance."
Dr. Errin Weisman
Dr. Errin WeismanHost of Doctor Me First
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"Working with Kayla has been liberating. I was recording, editing and producing my own podcasts along with trying to do a minimal amount of show notes, show posts and keeping up with all the data. Now that I've been working with Kayla for 2+ years, all this is handled AND accomplished in a more beautiful and complete way than I could have ever done myself. This frees up at least 25-30 hours a month for me! That's like a whole work week. Kayla and her team do a stellar work. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to win the 2021 Golden Stevie Award for Podcasting without her! Podcasting is no longer a task I have to's a delight in my life! Trust Kayla with your podcast...she's worth every penny!"
Marylin De La HozHost of Creative Conversations with Marylin
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“Kayla has helped move my business forward in several ways. One of the ways she supports me is in finding clarity around my voice and messaging. Kayla can see the big picture of my vision and helps me break it down into bite size meaningful content for my audience to absorb. Her wealth of knowledge around, tech, strategy, business, and words is second to none. Her ability to take my outlines and broad stroke ideas and color them into moving and marketable copy is truly her super power. As my podcast coordinator, she makes the process a dream. Our strategy sessions. keep me and my content focused. And it is oh so fun to work together.”
Jenn BaysHost of Success Beyond the Lens
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“Kayla has managed and strategized my podcast since its inception and I couldn’t do it without her. She keeps me on top of a schedule, bounces marketing ideas with me, and takes care of the tech.”

* Please note this list is not exhaustive. I’ve been involved with many different podcasts in different capacities. These are some of my longest-running clients/podcasts and some of my launch clients!