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About Kayla Wells

About Kayla Wells | Podcast Coach & Podcast Manager - K Wells Companies

I’m Kayla and I’m on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs spread their message and create their very own movements! (While at the same time supporting causes that I love and believe in!)

My story is below. I’d love to help you tell your story!

Me + You + Your Podcast = Business Happily Ever After

Life-long learner meets an ever growing and evolving industry that supports business owners and creatives in designing businesses that support their lives…

It all started with a really big surprise… The stick said “Pregnant” and the ultrasound tech said “WITH TWINS!”

While I actually loved my corporate career as a worker’s compensation insurance adjuster and team leader, I knew that corporate wasn’t really for me.

Cue the memories of adamantly telling my mom “I’ll NEVER work in an office!” (One more reason you should never say never!)

So I set out to find different ways to make money and found out there was an entire online economy with its own rules and playground etiquette that I was fascinated to learn about. 

 As most do in the online space, I started out doing a little bit of everything. I love to write so I started doing copywriting. I love getting paid to learn so I moved into writing podcast show notes. Then I realized that someone is responsible for putting together the bits and pieces of an episode, so I dove deep into learning how to edit and produce amazing audio.

What I didn’t understand at the time was WHY people created podcasts in the first place. As I learned more about marketing and content creation (as well as all the technological bits and pieces of offer creation, sales, and delivery) I started to understand how podcasting fit in. 

Marketing is a huge puzzle that is unique to each and every business. Sure there are tried and true strategies but when it comes down to it, what works for you won’t work for the next person. This is where I found my stride. Strategically building and growing a podcast that supports my clients’ marketing efforts and helps them build businesses that support their lives? JACKPOT!

Now I’m All In

If you’re ready to work with a podcast manager who is constantly learning, growing, and adding to her own skills and strategy so that she can pour into your business, then you’ve landed in the right place! Creating a successful podcast that beats the #podfade odds is a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to drain the life from you OR your business. Let’s start YOUR movement!