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Episode 23: Growing Your Podcast Audience with Paid Ads

Hey y’all! Have you ever wondered about how you can grow your show super quick? Like way faster than slogging along week after week, sharing amazing content in all the places, and growing, but so so slowly?
Then this one is for you! I’m talking all about different ways you can grow your show with ads!
I touched on this a little bit back in Episode 20 when we discussed launching or relaunching your show, but ads don’t have to stop with the launch. There are a bunch of different ways you can incorporate ads for podcast audience and listener growth.
Now, these are not new strategies, but the way we do them has to change a little bit because the “Hey Day” of running whatever ads at low cost is truly over. You need to implement some targeted strategies to see growth without burning through a ton of money.
Bet you’re thinking okay Kayla, just get to the point LOL.
As my almost two year old says, “OOOOOKAAAAAAY” (Said in Eeyore’s voice!)
One of the least expensive ads you can run is traffic ads. If you’re just looking to run traffic to a preferred episode or a few different episodes, you can spend a small amount of money each day to have your ad pop into people’s feeds and see what works best!
There are actually a ton of different ways to do this however and it would make sense (like all things in marketing) to test some of them to see what works best for you and your audience.
You might test different kinds of episodes, different kinds of content, and different kinds of artwork and copy to see what brings in more listeners. But not just any listeners. Engaged listeners who want to listen, learn, and buy from you!
If you have a video podcast, or if you regularly create audiograms, you may even consider running video view ads. Same concept as before, pull different kinds of episodes, different kinds of content, and then retarget the 50-75% watchers with another episode that’s completely different and see if they keep watching.
The people who watch 50-75% of that second video you may consider retargeting with a freebie or some way to join your email list and learn even more from you. Because they are indeed engaged listeners!
You now might be thinking, Kayla… this episode is supposed to be about ads… not just Facebook and Instagram ads but all ads. You’re right… and there’s more!
These same strategies would apply to LinkedIn ads but you’d definitely want to curate your content in a different way because your LinkedIn audience is not the same as your Instagram or Facebook audience. Not saying that they both won’t love the content, but it needs to be presented and tested differently on LinkedIn.
For instance, you might consider running the same episodes you’re running on the other platforms but make sure your copy speaks directly to the person who is browsing through LinkedIn! Because you don’t want to change everything between one platform and the other. Your overall message isn’t changing, just the packaging, so be sure you only shift a couple things so you can get a good idea of what your audience wants.
Another FANTASTIC place to run ads when you have a podcast is Pinterest. I mean first you should be on Pinterest and actively using it to grow your show. If you’re not, then ignore this! But Pinterest is a search engine, which means that when you run ads there, people are actively searching for your solution.
They’re already primed to be engaged! So, it’s definitely a great place to test out the content you’re sharing and see if it’s vibing with your ideal audience.
Because I don’t believe in running ads or growing just to grow. The goal is to connect with more of the people who need you in their lives. You want an engaged following. Not just a following!
So using ads to test various aspects of your messaging through your podcast is a great way to hone in on what works, what doesn’t, and what just needs to be optimized!
Have you considered running ads for your podcast? How did it go?
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