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Episode 21: Prepping Your Podcast For Summer

Are you ready for summer? Is your podcast?

If you’re a parent (or a student) you probably find that life looks a LOT different during the summer time. Kids are home from school, activities are endless, days are long, and there’s not a ton of time to keep recording.

For some podcasters there isn’t really any difference. They’re able to still find the time to stick to a clear recording schedule and keep all the fires burning.

But for others, summer is a lot different.

Rather than letting your podcast languish, get prepped for summer instead. Wondering how to do that? Here are a few quick tips to prep your podcast for summer!

1) If you’re able to, batch record. Take a look at how many episodes you need to release and get them all done in one fell swoop. This might take a couple of days of recording, because it’s not as easy as just stepping up to the mic and letting the words come out. (Just because you’re batching doesn’t mean you can let the planning slide!)

But if you’re able and it makes sense for your podcast, batching a bunch of content helps to free up time and space for you to enjoy your summer without the pressure of recording.

2) Consider re-running some of your favorite and/or best episodes from the year so far. This is a fun way to re-energize a topic or conversation AND give you a little bit of a break on recording!

3) Have you ever done a showcase? Perhaps allowing other podcasters to share their favorite episodes on your show? OR featuring interviews you’ve done on other shows on your podcast? This is a great way to build a collaborative environment in your industry AND to give yourself a break from recording!

4) Just take a break! Sometimes it’s good to rest and recharge, so maybe you don’t plan for summer and you let your audience know you’ll be back! Just don’t forget to provide your audience and yourself with a return date, or you may fall into the pits of podfade!

There’s no right or wrong way to prep for the summer! Just make sure that whatever you do is in alignment with your overall business and podcast goals.

Is your podcast summer ready?

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