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Episode 19: 5 Actionable Marketing Tips for Podcast Growth

Okay! This might be a repeat of things you’ve already heard, but I think ALL of these deserve repeating! Because here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter how amazing your podcast episodes are if you’re not MARKETING them! So here are my top 5 podcast marketing tips and why they’re so important!

The first step of marketing your podcast is creating amazing episode titles! You may be thinking, no Kayla, that’s the first step for creating searchable episodes, but what is searchability but good marketing?

So as you’re creating your episode titles, think of what your ideal client, customer, or listener is typing into their Googler. What are they looking for? How does that apply to the episode you’ve recorded? (Better yet, do this before you ever record and create your content around what your people are searching for!)

Also, stay away from being clever! A cutesy title may seem fun and interesting to you, but is that what most people are searching for? Probably not! Unless they’re already your raving fans…

Next, talk about your show! I mean ALL the time. Chatting with someone IRL and they ask about what you do? Bring up your podcast! Not sure what to share on social media? Your podcast! In a mastermind and asked to share about yourself? Tell them you have a podcast!

Talk about it all the time! And don’t just leave it at, I have a podcast named! You should listen. Create a little elevator pitch for your podcast. Tell people the name, who it’s for, and what you’re sharing!

Just be sure you’re always talking about your podcast and sharing who you’re hoping to help with your content!

Third, instead of promoting episodes right when they launch and then never again, continue promoting them over a period of time. That’s right! Just because you recorded an episode a year ago does not mean it has completely lost relevance. Additionally, if you’ve recorded episodes in the past that do indeed need to be updated, record a part two and link back to that first episode!

You should continue to promote episodes beyond that first week because it will help people find the content that they need from you AND when someone starts on episode 1 or episode 12 and you have 50 episodes, they are more likely to binge from that earlier episode. This increases your downloads and provides that listener with more exposure to they way you show up in the world.

This concept of promoting episodes over time is called “Content Dripping” and if you want to learn more about this, head over to the Grow My Show Podcast with Diedre Tshien! She coined the term and it’s brilliant!

Fourth, guest on other podcasts. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but this is one of the fastest ways to grow your show is to guest on other people’s podcasts. Here’s the deal not every follower on your Instagram profile listens to podcasts… but every single person listening to a podcast… listens to podcasts.

Strategically guesting on podcasts that have the right audience will get you and your podcast in front of a whole group of new, right fit people for your show and offers. Makes growth so much easier when you’ve already hooked them with your expertise on a show that they know, like, and trust!

Fifth, have fun! Your content could be freaking brilliant, but if you’re not having fun, your audience will know so HAVE FUN! ‘Til next time!

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