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18: When to Hire a Podcast Manager

As with so many of my episodes, the answer is, it depends. 

I’ve recently seen some pretty good Instagram Reels that show someone working and asking the question, “reasons why you shouldn’t do xyz…” and of course there are no reasons. 

However, I do think there are times and situations when hiring a podcast manager may not be the right fit. Listen in to learn why!

First off, let me just say that there are very FEW reasons why you might not want to hire a podcast manager. Most of them have to do with situations within your business and in conjunction with your overall goals. But they do exist. 

Before we really dig in though, I want to talk about what a podcast manager is, what they do, and the range of different things to expect depending on the type of podcast manager you’re looking to hire. 

So what IS a podcast manager? 

A podcast manager is someone you hire to manage the details of your podcast. They can handle everything from content strategy, to editing and uploading, to guest management and pitching, to social promotion and marketing… 

or all of the above… 

or a combination of the above. 

Essentially they’re there to keep your podcast organized and running smoothly in accordance with the overall goals of your business and the show itself.

It all depends on what you need. 

Now, why wouldn’t you want to hire a podcast manager? Honestly, if you don’t already have a team and have never hired any kind of help before, then I don’t think I would start with a podcast manager first. Unless you’re essentially hiring a marketing team along with them OR they become your one person marketing team and they already have all their own systems and processes. 

Also, I don’t know that I’d hire a podcast manager if all you really want is an editor. There is a difference between a podcast manager and a podcast editor. One manages the whole show and the other makes sure your episodes sound fantastic. A podcast manager can 100% also be a podcast editor, but someone who labels themselves as an editor is very unlikely to handle other aspects of the show. 

I also think there’s something to be said for digging into the entire process for the first several episodes so that you’re forced to hear yourself speak and work on your own verbal crutches. If you do interview episodes, listening to your interviews will give you insights on how you can become a better interviewer. 

There’s no better way to do this than to be the one to edit your show for the first little bit because if you are listening to the finished product you’re likely listening to something that has been significantly fine tuned. 

Alright, when SHOULD you hire a podcast manager. 

Honestly, when you’ve reached a point where managing all the bits and pieces of your show has started making the process less fun for you. 

I 100% view a podcast as a marketing tool for your business and a great way to create a pillar piece of content each and every week, but it should also be fun. 

If you’re not having fun but your podcast is your main content driver, then it may be time to hand over the reins so that you can stay in your zone of creative genius. 

Additionally, if you’re looking to take your podcast to the next level, bringing on an expert to help you test, tweak, and optimize your show could be the next right step for you. 

There are so many reasons to hire a podcast manager, but only if you’re ready to take that step. 

Part two of this conversation will be Agency versus one person show… which is right for you! Stay tuned for that one in the future. 

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