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Episode 7: Defining Your Podcast Branding & Vibe

Ever wondered how those big name podcasts that you’ve listened to distinguished themselves from the pack? Amazing marketing efforts and having an on point podcast brand and vibe. Listen in to hear about the things you might want to consider as you begin bringing your podcast to life. 

Okay, so, I want you to do a quick little exercise for me. Think of your very favorite podcast. Have it in your mind? Awesome! What about that podcast stands out to you? What drew you in the very first time you listened and what keeps you coming back? 

How did you find that podcast? 

Now barring it being a podcast that was created by one of your heroes and you’ve simply always been in their sphere, it was likely their branding that first caught your attention. 

Awesome podcast artwork, a catchy title, music that makes your day every single time you hear it. All that coupled with fantastic content is what successful podcasts are made of. 

As you begin crafting your podcast, take some time to figure out how you want to distinguish it from your overall brand while enhancing what you’ve already built. Be sure to include your existing audience in the behind the scenes of bringing your podcast to life. 

Your podcast can 100% start working for you sooner rather than later. Start building buzz and engagement by including your audience in the music choice, artwork selection, and even the title. They’ll love being involved in the process, and you can take a break from creating completely new content. 

So, what vibe are you going for with your podcast?


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