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Episode 8: Let’s Talk About Tech Baby

This is one of the topics that I find immediately trips up my clients and other new podcasters. Podcasting is a tech heavy endeavor if you’re managing all the pieces yourself and there are a ton of options out there for everything. So what do you choose? Listen in and let’s talk about tech!

Real talk? I don’t want to write out everything I cover in the episode. It’s a lot. So here are the highlights. 

You don’t have to have a mic, but it is recommended. A good starter mic is listed below. Wired headphones are a must because if and when your wireless earbuds die, your entire vibe, process, and conversation will change and it’s hard to get back on track after that kind of interruption. 

Next, you have to record your episodes somewhere. You can record in platforms like Garageband, Audacity, and Hindenburg for your solo episodes but when it comes to interviews you need a bit more. I love using Riverside for recording my interview episodes because the platform is super easy to manage and fairly intuitive for guests. 

Also, they don’t compress your files once they’re done processing so your audio will sound way better than it does coming out of Zoom. 

Some sort of graphic design tool is a must, but for this I recommend Canva. It’s so easy to create templates that you or a teammate can easily switch and swap for each episode, and it makes promoting your podcast much more ease-filled. 

Next, consider where you plan to edit your podcast, what type of marketing assets you want to create, how you plan to project manage your episodes, and which software you’d prefer to use for transcription.

I’m talking about it all in this one. Still have questions? Hit me up! I’d be happy to help you sort through the tech!

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