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Episode 26: 5 Ways to Use Private Podcasting In Your Business

Private podcasts. Have you heard of them?

Even if you feel like you haven’t, you probably have. They’re the next new wave in using podcasting in business and there are SOOOOO many uses. Which is why I decided it was time to share my favorite 5 ways to use private podcasting in your business. If you haven’t already, you’re totally going to want to implement at least one of these by the time you’re done with this episode!


Okay – so as usual, let’s first do a little bit of defining. You may be wondering, what is a private podcast? It’s a limited distribution podcast that is aimed at and delivered to a small audience. Essentially it is not publicly accessible and as such it is private.

What does that mean for you and your business?

An amazing way to nurture, educate, and create a community with your audience.

Alrighty, so you may be wondering what those five ways are that I’d recommend using a private podcast in your business. Here you go:

1) Your welcome sequence – a private podcast is a fantastic way to allow your brand new people to get to know you. If you’ve already written a brilliant welcome sequence, you can enhance it by including access to a private podcast where they can learn all about you, in your voice! (Marcie Page and Leah Bryant of The Podcast Effect have this concept on lock! You should check them out!)

2) Freebies – that’s right! Ever created a freebie and thought, man… it’d sure be nice to be able to add the additional value of walking people through this amazing thing? Well you can! You can do that through a private podcast where you take your new audience member step by step through the thing they’ve opted in for and add in additional value!

3) Audio Summits – that’s right! Summits have been all the rage lately and for good reason. You’re able to appeal to wide audience, increase visibility, and make fantastic business connections with the other people involved in the summit. Legitimately an amazing way to grow your business and your audience. Now, if you want to reduce the friction of creating that summit, you can do an audio summit rather than a full blown audio, video, live summit. Still get to share all the amazing tips, tricks, and advice while reducing your lift in getting the summit together!

4) Creating bonus content that lives behind a paywall – ready to monetize but not ready to dig into sponsorships or paid ads? Have an engaged audience that constantly asks for more and more of you? You can give it to them through a private podcast that lives behind a paid subscription. You get to provide your audience with more of what they want while being compensated for the time you’re spending!

5) Create a private podcast version of your course material – that’s right… so many people buy courses that they never finish because they don’t have the time to sit down and go through all the content. By creating a private podcast version of your course, they can take that content on the go with them, listen, learn, and know exactly what they’re working on when they finally have a moment to sit down and dive deep.

There are SOOOO many other ways you can use a private podcast in your business, but these are some of my favorites. (Another one is creating a private podcast that supports onboarding your clients and team members!)

Just know that there are definitely platforms that are better suited to the creation and distribution of private podcasts and one of those is… you guessed it… Captivate! Just know that if I’m ever talking about Captivate and you see a link in my show notes, it’s 10000000% an affiliate link because I’m officially a ride or die for their platform and their mission of making podcasting accessible and profitable for so many!

Now I’m curious, are you using private podcasts in your business? How?

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