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Episode 27: What’s Your Podcast Data Telling You?

Ever wonder what your podcast data is actually telling you?
If you are, then listen in! Because a download is not just a download… and your numbers could be telling you A LOT about what you can be doing differently to grow significantly faster.
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Before you ever get started on your podcast audit journey, I want you to full understand what various numbers really mean. Let’s start with downloads. Most podcast hosts allow you to see total downloads, 7-day downloads, 30-day downloads, and 90-day downloads. Each time period is indicative of something different in your podcast growth journey.

Your 7-Day Downloads show how many subscribers you have PLUS how effective your “week of” marketing is. If you notice that your 7-Day Downloads aren’t growing, then that means your subscribers aren’t growing.

You may be getting tons of eyes on your episodes, but they aren’t raving fans yet.

Listen to the whole episode to learn all about downloads, consumption rates, and why you shouldn’t stop promoting your episodes after the first week. Keep promoting. Keep sharing. You’re creating long form content for a reason!

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