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Episode 4: Goal Setting For Your Podcast

EEEEK! If you know me, you’re probably sitting there thinking, “Kayla, what do you even know about setting goals?” It’s a legitimate question. I rarely set goals for myself because my perfectionism comes out and makes the entire process… counterproductive to put it nicely.

But here’s the deal, most people set unreasonable goals for their podcast and it leads them to do the exact same thing I do, quit too soon. 

On this show, we’re not talking about podcasting for podcasting’s sake. We are creating sustainable podcasts that support our lives and businesses and that we have a TON of fun making. 

In order to do that you have to first prepare yourself before you ever hit record and part of that process is goal setting. 

Listen in to hear the types of goals you need to set for your podcast and why they’re so much more important than the numbers of listens or downloads you get! Plus, I’m sharing a mini-case study of one of my clients who understood her long term goals and is hitting them because she just kept going. 

Once you’ve listened in and taken a minute to write up some goals of your own, send me a DM on the ‘gram and let me know what you’re going to focus on for your podcast!

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