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Episode 14: Podcast Structure (There’s no right or wrong way!)

That’s right… I said it. Feel free to structure your podcast in whatever way works for you and your audience. As long as you are creating valuable content that meets the needs of your audience, your podcast will do just fine. (Plus, think about it. Does every podcast you listen to have the same structure? Probably not!)

Something that you’ll notice about my podcast is that so far, I have only done solo episodes. Why? Because I’m creating a bank of episodes to be used specifically as a resource for anyone looking to launch a podcast. I haven’t decided how I’m going to use this bank, but I WILL be repurposing it for other things.


Because when launching a podcast, these are the questions I get asked most frequently. (…and some of these episodes address questions that many people don’t even know to ask!)

I wanted to provide my audience with episodes to meet them where they’re at AND give myself an easy way to point back to the podcast when someone has a question. Two birds… one stone… as they say!

However, this structure wouldn’t work for someone who was trying to use their podcast to create relationships in and around their niche. Why? Because I’m not interviewing anyone. I’m not connecting with people and helping them share their stories while providing valuable insights for my audience.

If my goal, currently, was creating business connections, then my podcast structure would not be serving that goal. (Thank goodness I have other goals in mind 😜!)

Your podcast structure in essence should directly reflect and work toward your overall goal for your business and podcast. (Wondering about that? Check out the episode I did all about that here!)

Listen in to hear all the things you should consider as you begin planning out your overall podcast structure and why you are 100% allowed to change that structure as your podcast and business grow and evolve.

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