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17: Creating a Podcast Workflow

What is a podcast workflow you ask? 

It’s the series of steps you have to take in order to plan, record, edit, and release your podcast episode. 

Here’s the thing, there are a LOT of steps between idealizing an episode and actually releasing it into the world. In order to be sure you don’t miss any of those steps, I recommend creating a podcast workflow that works for you and your team!

First things first, do you currently use any kind of task management tool? 

If your answer is no, I’m going to need you to get one stat. Because even as a one person show, you don’t want to miss a vital step in your process and release an episode that doesn’t adhere to your standards for your business. 

And if you have a team… I have no idea how you’re running your business without one 🤣!

My preferred project management tool is ClickUp but I’ve worked in Asana, Monday, Trello, Notion, and more. They all have the ability to create recurring tasks from a template so that you’re not remaking the wheel each time. 

The reason I love ClickUp is that I can assign one master project manager to an episode, and then delegate the individual tasks to all the appropriate people. This is also true in Asana and Monday, but I like ClickUp’s task automations better. 

So now that we’ve covered the fact that you need to have a task management tool, let’s talk about setting up a podcast workflow that keeps your podcast tasks on time and your show consistent. 

Always build in time to plan, research, and outline your episodes. This doesn’t have to be a ton of time. In fact, I typically give myself about ten minutes unless I need to do real research for the episode and then I’ll give myself about thirty. 

Once you’ve planned out your episode, schedule yourself time to record. I recommend batch recording when possible but you’ll always want to be sure there are actual tasks with due dates for you to do these steps. PUT THE TIME ON YOUR CALENDAR so that you don’t forget to sit down and do the oh so important task of recording the episode. 

Pro tip: if you do episode intros like I do, be sure to record them at the time of your recording. If you’re doing an interview episode, record your intro right after your interview. That way it’s fresh on your mind for the intro!

Next, you’ll want to transcribe your episode, get it over to your editor (or schedule yourself some editing time), and get all your graphics ready. 

Once it’s edited, have your show notes written. 

Then you’re ready to release it into the world. Get the episode into your podcast host and schedule it and then schedule the post on your website as well. 

Before it actually releases, put together your marketing materials, get those materials over to your guest if you had one, and schedule out your social media posts and email to promote the episode. 


The good thing about a project management system is that you can create a true workflow that notifies each subsequent person in the process that they are now able to work on their piece when the tasks before them are completed. You can automate statuses, notifications, and task creation and it takes a lot of the time out of the administrative side of your podcast. 

Another great reason to have a project management system for your podcast workflow is that you can create workflows for all aspects of your podcast to include guest management, social promo, email announcements, and more. 

So, after you listen to this episode, write out all the steps you take from start to finish to get a podcast episode out into the world. That is your podcast workflow! Make sure that it’s set up in your project management system and voila! You’re ready to streamline your podcast content creation and promotion. 

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