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Episode 16: Should You Templatize or Customize Your Podcast

There are seriously so many ways to podcast it’s not even funny. The best thing for you to do is to set up your show in such a way that it’s easy and fun for you to create! But what does that mean? Should you templatize your podcast or customize it? Listen in to learn more!

So first things first, let me tell you what I mean by this, because it’s not an industry standard for discussing show structure. 

When I think of templatizing your show I mean having a pre-recorded intro and outro that you use in every episode. So all you have to do is record your next episode, clean up the audio, slap on that intro and outro, and upload it to your podcast host to share it with the world. 

For some, that makes the most sense. Either because they’re short on time or short on help or both. But so many of my clients have found value in doing a little customizing as well.

To have a fully customized show you would record a new intro and outro for each and every episode. There are a lot of people who find this to be easiest. They can say what’s on their mind, they don’t have to over think what they’re doing and they just continue their riff right on through asking you to follow or subscribe. 

If you’re a creative entrepreneur looking to break out of the status quo of podcasting, this could totally be the right style for you. But I don’t necessarily recommend it for brand new shows. 


Because the purpose of those pre-recorded pieces is to establish consistency for your episodes. It also helps introduce your show in a consistent way to new listeners. Plus it takes some of the heavy lifting off of the strategy behind your show. 

What I find works best overall though, is to do a little bit of a hybrid model. Creating episode intros to introduce your topic or guest, then moving into the pre-recorded intro to remind everyone what your show is all about and who you are, then diving right into the episode.

Then the last piece is the pre-recorded outro that reminds your listeners where else they can follow you and to ask for ratings and reviews. 

Now, you may be wondering, where do I fit ads into this? That’s going to be a topic for another episode because it really requires more of a deep dive, so tune in for that one!

Which do you prefer, fully templatized, fully customized, or a mixture of both?


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